The "Sexy" Lip Balm


What is Willy Stik?
Willy Stik is a fun, novelty lip balm item that is shaped like a willy . Each Willy Stik pack contains a flesh colored "head and "balls" and an all natural ingredient lip balm in a flesh color so that when you put the top and bottom on it looks like a penis lip balm. It's fun, it's unique, it gets attention, and it gets a laugh! And best of all you'll love the lip balm. It's an all natural ingredient lip balm moisturizer. You want to give a gift that is different and gets attention, a gift that has the right amount of humor, shock-value, a gift that is so fun that the person you buy it for goes, "WOW" and laughs . Willy Stik is a gift that will be remembered and shown around. Grab your Willy Stik NOW! Have a "Willy" fun day .


What is Willy Stik made of?
The willy top and bottom is made of a TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material and is latex, PVC, and silicone free. TPE is widely used in a variety of household and medical appliances.


What are the lip balms made of?
All Willy Stik lip balms are made in the USA from all natural ingredients and come in a natural flavor. All ingredients are marked on each package. We use two lip balm manufacturers here in the USA so that we have a ready quantity of materials available to fulfill your order. The ingredients used are:

1: Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Ozokerite, Flavor (not in natural flavor balm), Stevia (not in natural flavor balm), Vitamin E.

2: Organic Soybean Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Flavor.


Is buying safe through you?
Buying should be a safe and secure experience. We are hosted by one of the leading web-based hosting companies that are recognized as leaders in the industry. Additionally, we use as out preferred payment gateway as well as other well-known secure payment gateways.


Are there discounts for multiple purchases?
Willy Stik can be purchased as a single unit, in a Pride pak, or in a 3-pak, all options are priced to give value.


What is that small hole or uneven mark on the lower front part of the head?  Is it a defect?
The small mark is not a defect, it's simply where the head is released from the injection point of the mold.  Every piece will have it and it doesn't affect the overall aesthetic of the Willy Stik.  In fact, we put it in the most inconspicuous part so that it would not affect the overall "look" of the Willy Stik.


What if I have a problem with the order?
Simply email us at the contact address and we will be in touch.


Can you ship Overseas?
Yes.  We can ship anywhere.  All shipping prices will be calculated using US First Class Mail and outlined in the Buy Now section as you proceed through the ordering process.


Do you make other products?
A-OK Promotions is in the process of creating 3 additional unique products that will make you and the person you buy for smile ☺.


Can I return a product? 
We keep product pricing and shipping costs low so that it is affordable and that requires us to have a no return policy other than for defects. There should be no issues with any order due to the product we offer. In the event any product is defective, simply email us and we will respond and handle any defective product. Please note that returned products may take 4-6 weeks to be processed.


Shipping & Handling: 
We want to keep shipping and handling prices as low as possible.  The following prices outline the price and approximate number of Willy Stik packs that can be shipped in each S/H price range:

All prices are for USA mailing only.  Int'l rates apply for all other areas.

1 - 3 packs         = $2.99
4 or more packs = $3.99.  (Note:  We pay S/H on anything over 4 packs).